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Add Your Family
Missing Links

This database is a collection of individual's and family members who are related or unrelated to a common ancestor.

If you are able to provide details of a link between family members, I would very much like to hear from you. You can send details by the Add Your Family and Missing Links pages, or e-mail.

I have recently moved the Database to the site, which is supported by, which enables me to very quickly update the database quicker then by the previous method. So as I find new links & data, or people like yourselves provide me with data, I can very quickly place it on the database. You can start by selecting, then enter the requested surname.

These databases were produced from a number of source reference materials. These sources have been indicated where appropriate, and a credit to the source needs to be mentioned.

A majority of the reference material was obtain from the IGI database and fellow researchers from around the World. See Credit and Acknowledgements